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My Features in Handmade Living Magazine

Handmade Living is a UK-based crafting and home-style magazine. I was commissioned to write the monthly gardening section showing amateur gardeners how to make the most of their space and featuring seasonal to-dos.

Published Work

Summer Salads

 1000-words, with photography

Handmade Living asked me to write a feature about growing summer salads. The article covered what to plant when, which varieties to try and how to deal with problems, like the dreaded slug! I supplied all words and photos.

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Save Your Seeds!

 1000-words, with photography

For their late-summer issue HL commissioned me to write a feature about how to save your own seed. The article covered how to collect and store seed and advice for the amateur on which plants are easiest to save seed from and which you should buy at the store. All photography and words were supplied by me.

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Pumpkins & Squash

 1000-words, with photography

In the October issue I wrote about Pumpkins and Squash. The article covered where and when to plant, care of plants in the pumpkin and squash family and how to store pumpkins over the Winter.

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Soft Fruit

 1000-words, with photography

For their June issue Handmade Living commissioned me to write a feature packed with tips and tricks on how to grow soft fruit successfully. It covered everything from Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackcurrants to White currants and forced Rhubarb.

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more articles available on request