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"I have been writing about gardening for over 10 years."

My Tiny Plot is about gardening, vegetable growing, cooking and homemaking.
I started writing it as a simple diary of a community garden. Since then it has followed me through two house moves, two pregnancies and one international re-location. 

What I write about 

Ten years ago, when I lived in the UK, I decided to apply for my first allotment (or community garden). I was planning to grow mostly vegetables and wanted to remember what I sowed on what date during the growing season. I started my blog as a simple diary of what I was growing.

Then I got pregnant with my first child. The community garden was suddenly too much for me to handle. So I gave it up and we moved house where I could create a kitchen garden right in my own back yard. I re-landscaped it and started to grow wall-trained fruit and cutting flowers too. 

Then in 2012, we made the decision to move to Portland, Oregon. Our boys were four and two years old. In gardening terms this was a big move for me. My new garden now includes large landscape trees, established shrubs, an orchard, a large kitchen garden, a new greenhouse and extensive lawns.

"My blog gets around 21,000 page views per month."

My blog has tracked all of the changes in my gardening circumstances. And as such is a great place to find blog posts on everything from growing on a community garden to dealing with established Rhododendrons. I also post about how to use the produce from my garden with my own recipes.

All the text and photography used on the site is my own.

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